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        Welcome to the website of Aszód Reformatory

The legal and the pedagogic structure of the reformatory has been formed by the educators' and the educated youths' cooperation at all times. Nowdays this interaction has an essential significance as well. The cooperation in this closed mutual system is characterized by a kind of pressure which is based on the essence of the reformatory, the contradiction between the educational and
penal function of the institution. Despite the continuous improvements our update practice is still determined by this two-faced system. This Janus-faced legal institution contains several criminal characters, at the same time it uses pedagogic-psychologic means to ensure the youth' individual education in a therapeutic way as well as it fulfils social work.

Our pedagogic aim is to ensure the optimal and motivational level for our boys furthermore to accomplish personality developments with the help of our individual and realistic pedagogic programme. For the sake of this programme we formed a differential pedagogic structure in order to help our boys to reintegrate into our society.

System elements:
-  Home groups: work with individual projects /regarding the socialisational levels/ based on the "Pedagogic Programme".
-  Psychopedagogic group: therapeutic care of alcohol or drug addict youths with character distortions who got into peripheral situations.
-  Enclosed group: correctional education of the aggressive boys with serious behavioural problems who brake the general rules of the institution several times .
-  Education of handicapped children section: accomplishes the resocialization of slightly mentally handicapped children.

This pedagogic structure ensure the conditions of crossing among the sections in all directions except the reception group where our boys get acquinted their rights, duties, educational- and training facilities and regulations.

Our personality examiner group observe and examine our boys in order to be able to direct them into the most appropriate group. They do this for the sake of the effective personality developments meanwhile they also take the educator attitudes into consideration.

Since 1992 we have made work our After-care Foundation and Caring House. They are for the ex-boarders who are unable to adopt themselves to the society without our help.


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